Media Kit

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of my media kit, please feel free to request one from me personally. Statistics change quickly in today’s social media and blogging world, so it only makes sense to have one media kit that needs to be updated, rather than posting one online that could be inaccurate even a week down the line. (I know, it sounds lazy, but maintaining an updated media kit takes a lot of time and work! Have you ever made one? LOL)

I have actually tried posting my media kit online in the past, and it is far too much work to have to update the website, as well as the actual media kit. Additionally, because I wouldn’t always have the time to update the online version, a lot of brands, and other potential collaborators, found statistics that just were not accurate. (Not to mention, my media kit was being copied and used by other people who should not have had access to it. Sadly.)

If you would like a copy of my current media kit, don’t hesitate to request one! I would love to email an updated version to you! Just head to my contact page and fill out the form or email me at