About Bethany and Bethany’s Pretties


I’m Bethany. I’m so glad you found my blog!

Bethany’s Pretties is about all things beautiful, including you. Don’t get me wrong, though…beauty is not globbing makeup on – or even wearing it perfectly – it’s not even being naturally beautiful. It’s about what is on the inside. Beauty certainly is not being ugly on the inside.

Beauty is being you, period. It’s showing the world the real you, at your ultimate best, and even at some of your worst moments. It’s being yourself, raw and unedited. That’s beauty. (In my opinion, anyway.)

Searching for the Fountain of Youth

That does not mean that we can’t love #makeup, #beauty, #skincare #jewelry, and #fashion! I know we’re all searching for the Fountain of Youth – and, if you haven’t been yet, just wait, your time will come!

Those of you with #makeupaddictions and #beautyproductaddicts alike, feel free to visit Bethany’s Pretties to admire all things beautiful, from fashion to makeup to skincare to jewelry and accessories, and a little something different, here and there. You will find product reviews and suggestions, I will let you know about steals and deals going on, new product releases, help you learn about different ingredients and how they work for you, keep you updating on giveaways I’m hosting, and I may even throw in an occasional social media tips and tricks post.

Feel free to comment with your opinions! I want to hear them! Let me know your experiences and thoughts, because your experience could be completely different from what I experienced. What works for me may not work for you – and vice versa. And that’s okay. Because we are all individuals, and that means that none of us are going to feel or think or experience anything the same way.

PR Friendly!

PR representatives, social media/networking gurus, brand and company owners, PR companies, fellow bloggers and vloggers, and everyone else: I would love to hear from you! Contact me at: cousinsbethany@hotmail.com.

Services Offered

Do you need a social media guru to take the pressure of your social media tasks off your hands and bring it to another level? You know how to find me!

Do you need content for your blog or website? I have 10+ years of experience to dedicate to you.

Do you need help with blogger/social media influencer outreach? I know how to screen blogs, bloggers, and social media influencers to get the best of the best for you and your products!

Let’s chat! I can probably help you!