We Are Bored! When Will Stores Reopen? Staying Busy During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We’re all on the edge of our seats, wondering exactly how this global pandemic is going to play out.

How long will we be forced to sit in our homes, waiting for the deadly wave of sickness to pass us by? Will it be weeks? Months? How will our lives change during this unprecedented time ?

POTUS Donald Trump claimed boldly on Fox News: “I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” but at the same time, positive tests for COVID-19 are skyrocketing daily. Leaving us wondering – Had the president taken heed of the signs that the Coronavirus would eventually make its way to the U.S. back in January (rather than calling it a hoax), would Americans be going about their regular lives right now?

Instead, children and adults alike are exhibiting symptoms of “house horror,” itching for life to go back to pre-COVID-19 days when running down the street to the local playground wasn’t a civil indecency that could potentially and literally put lives in danger. Schools have been closed for two weeks and all non-essential businesses for a week now here in New York…For most of us, it seems like more than a week has gone by since we have been banned to our homes, and we are already tired of it.

We want to go shopping! No. Grocery shopping is not at the top of our wish list. We are not interested in browsing nearly empty shelves that once fully stocked hand sanitizer, toilet paper, bread and milk. In fact, with a silent enemy lurking out there in our precious air, heading to the supermarket or even Walmart just doesn’t sound enticing.

We want to shop for things that delight us. Products that make us feel good. Test drive the newest beauty products. Even if we do not necessarily plan to buy them. We just want the ability to try them out. Experience how they look on our skin, how they make us feel. There is nothing wrong with that. We are creatures of habit and this is what we are accustomed to doing.

Heck, window shopping would be fantastic right now…if only our favorite stores were open.

When will they reopen?

Unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball that lets me peek into the future. Reopening everything by Easter doesn’t even sound logical when positive COVID-19 test numbers are growing exponentially to the point of rising to the #1 spot of the Countries With the Most Coronavirus Cases list. Not when states are, one by one, closing their borders to people who are travelling from another state.

The situation only seems to be worsening by the day, with no real “end” in sight.

While it might not be safe to leave our homes, it is safe to say that we will not be window shopping or spending our free time testing beauty products in the stores. In fact, there is a good chance that won’t be happening for a while.

Even when stores reopen, will places like Ulta and Sephora still allow us to test products? Or will that become a thing of the past?

Will the Coronavirus change the way we used to do things forever?

Will we be able to shake hands with other people or give someone an encouraging hug?

Time will only tell. In the meantime, we need to practice patience. (Or we will be taught it, whether we like it or not.) We need to be grateful for the little things.

Like the Internet, which provides us with infinite ways to remain connected.

Or the time we have right now to spend with our loved ones whom we are currently locked up with for an indefinite amount of time.

Feeling a little stir crazy?

Spend some time writing in a journal. This is an unprecedented time – and it will go down in history. Document your personal experience. Write down your thoughts, fears, worries, things you are grateful for, start a bucket list.

Take time to organize your home. Or start your Spring cleaning. What better time to organize a closet, garage, or shed? Anything you have been putting off.

Connect with people on social media. We all get lost in the chaos of life. Take some time to reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in a long time. Join groups you are interested in. If nothing else, scrolling through Facebook posts or your Instagram feed are both great ways to waste away time. Have a group of people you want to get together but need to stick to the social distancing rules? Check out Zoom video. Video conferencing was originally started for business meetings, but more recently, people have been using Zoom for long distance board games, Karaoke sessions, and even parties.

Read books to your kids. Or your grandchildren. Or nieces and nephews. If you don’t have kids or grand kids, you could video call the children in your life and read them a book on the video call.

Play with your makeup. You didn’t invest in that collection for nothing! Play around with your makeup and you might discover some new makeup looks that you will be able to wear when the lockdown is over.

Practice in the kitchen. Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Depending on how long this whole Coronavirus thing lasts, you might become a top level Master Chef. Who knows? If you aren’t all the good in the kitchen, you could check out a meal prep kits that provide you with fail-safe ingredients and instructions that will turn you into the chef you never wanted to be.

Watch movies or catch up on your favorite TV Series. Hulu, Netflix, Quibi, Popcornflix, SnagFilms, Crackle. Even if you get bored with one, there are plenty of other apps to switch over to. Endless movies and TV shows.

Read. I’m sure you are just as exhausted with the news on the Internet as I am. Get into some ebooks and escape this entire Coronavirus infected world for a while.

Don’t worry. This will all eventually end and we will all go back to our regular lives, even if it takes some time for our world to ease back into it. For the time being, though, try to remain positive and use this time to accomplish things you normally wouldn’t have time to do. There’s no need to go stir crazy. Hang in there.

What have you been doing with your time?



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