How Sephora is Responding to COVID-19

With cases of COVID-19 popping up across the U.S., all industries have an obligation to respond to the outbreak responsibly. That includes the beauty industry.

Empty Sephora store amidst Coronavirus pandemic

What are our favorite beauties doing to fight the COVID-19 spread? Each day this week, I will post about a different beauty retailer or business and what they are doing in response to COVID-19.

Sephora’s Response

UPDATE: Sephora has decided to close all stores as of March 17.

As beauty product lovers, one of the freedoms we have come to rely on is the ability to test makeup and beauty products before we buy them. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic we are currently facing, Sephora has released a statement confirming that they are suspending all paid and free in-store skincare and makeup services, applications, and classes indefinitely. The retailer also advises that customers test beauty products on their arm, rather than their face (which is an excellent policy all of the time, since you never know what kind of germs the person who used it before you may have exposed the product to).

The company suggests that customers utilize their online tools like their Virtual Artists and Digital Makeover Guide or ask one of their well-trained employees for assistance. They have also declared that they will disinfect any area that are considered high-touch areas regularly with hospital-grade disinfectant, following the latest guidance from the CDC, WHO, local governments, and public health agencies. This includes product displays, workstations, and hygiene stations.

The Award of Excellence goes to Sephora for this part, though. They have declared that if an employee who works for the company is asked to self-quarantine or is quarantined, they will continue to be paid. They also offer sick pay to regular full-time employees if necessary.

They have yet to close stores, nor have they cut back hours.

The email that Sephora sent out to beauties on their mailing list Wednesday was more well-thought-out than our POTUS’s response to the virus. Go, Sephora!



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