How to Achieve Flawless Winter Foundation

It wasn’t until I tried oval brushes that I truly achieved that second-skin foundation look I was seeking for…I won’t mention how many years! But, even with that flawless foundation I can create in the summertime, Spring, and even Autumn, I have to put in extra work in the wintertime to get similar results.

In the winter, my skin often doesn’t have a clue what it’s doing! The raw winter winds slap my face so hard, my skin is dry, or at least has dry patches, mixed with dullness, blotchiness, and it is often overcompensating with extra oil slicks.

Then, of course, even though I’m using my serums and moisturizers, my skin can still seem thirsty as ever, due to the heat and dry air inside.

You and I both know that topping those issues with foundation is bound to result in cake-face, as well as accentuate the splotches, patches, and slicks. Truth be told, you would be better off going foundation-free.

Using these tricks, however, you can overcome most winter foundation problems. Without further ado, here are the tricks that I use:

  1. Try a Different Primer

I love the NYX Hydra Touch Primer in the wintertime! It feels wet like water when you apply it, but it doesn’t stay wet. It keeps your face smooth, refreshed, and ready for foundation, and the staying power is fantastic.

2. Use Cream Foundation

Unlike liquid foundation, which will eventually dry, and powder foundation, which is only good for my skin in the summertime when my face is ultra oily, cream foundations tend to hold moisture throughout the day. That creaminess will help to keep your face looking fab all day.

3. Mix Your Primer & Foundation

When I mix my primer and foundation, then apply them like they are one product, it gives my skin a luminous glow all day, and has incredible staying power.

I love the Makeup Revolution Pro Base Blur Primer! It has gold specs in it!

And here, I’ve mixed them. It makes the foundation take on the primer’s consistency.

4. Mix An Oil with Foundation

I love mixing my Claraluxa 24k gold serum with my foundation! It makes my face look so sleek and flawless! Use code “bethany” at checkout to get 15% off.

(You can also mix Argan oil – or any other fave oil of yours – with your foundation.)

5. Tone Your Skin Before Applying Foundation

I use a natural cotton round with toner on it to help remove any dirt, oil, and flakiness before applying my foundation. I have found that it helps to level out my skin and provide a better surface to apply the foundation to.

6. Moisturize Before Showering

This may seem totally backwards and even counterintuitive, but it works! The warm, steamy environment of the shower will help to submerge your moisturizer into your skin.

7. Utilize Different Moisturizers

I find that one moisturizer doesn’t do the job. On the spots of my face that are drier, I use a thicker, balm-like moisturizer, like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula. The rest of my face doesn’t need to be treated like that, though, so I use a lighter formula for moisturizing. Let it all soak in, then I absorb any excess with a tissue.

8. Spray, Spray, Spray

Setting spray is my best friend during the winter. Don’t hesitate to respray as much as you need to to rehydrate your face throughout the day.

Do you have any winter foundation tricks? Enlighten me in the comments below! 👇

Enjoy your flawless winter skin!



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