Feature Brand of the Week – BelaDoce Botanicals

Rare, artistic, and effective.

I could come up with a thousand other words to describe BelaDoce Botanicals, but if I had to narrow it down to three, those would be my choices. Each and every product you get from BelaDoce comes packed with unique ingredients and will appeal to your senses several ways.

If you’ve never heard of this brand, I’m ecstatic to introduce you! The ingredients of all of the products are carefully chosen for specific reasons, and that is where the rare comes from. (And look at those itty bitty heart shaped soaps! Omg, I’m in love!)

Rare Ingredients

Have you ever heard of dragon’s blood, meadowfoam oil, maca, or marshmallow root oil? Whether you have or haven’t heard of these ingredients (I know I hadn’t until I came across BelaDoce Bontanicals), you’re in for a huge treat.

Take the Dragao Toner, for example, with an ingredient list that looks like this:

✔ Rose Water
✔ Cucumber Water
✔ Dragon Blood
✔ Royal Jelly
✔ Hibiscus
✔ Moringa
✔ Ginseng
✔ Maca
✔ Cinnamon
✔ Ionized Magnesium
✔ Ionized Silica
✔ Witch Hazel

How’s that for a toner?!

And it’s not an astringent, don’t get the two confused.

If you’re like me, then you’ve never heard of dragon’s blood. (Which is another rare thing, because I consider myself to be pretty well researched when it comes to natural and organic skincare ingredients.)

What is Dragon’s Blood?

I had to get the skinny on this interesting and unique ingredient because I hate not knowing about something. Lol

You would have to take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest to find dragon’s blood. Look for tall trees that bear a mottled gray and white bark, called Croton lecheri – a.k.a. Dragon’s blood trees. It’s not rare to find a dragon’s blood tree here and there that has sustained a diagonal slash from a machete. When you see one of these slashes, only then will you understand why they call it dragon’s blood.

The sap of the dragon’s blood tree is just that – blood red. Dragon’s blood, also known as Sangre De Drago and Sangre de Grado, is an astounding topical aid that can be used for just about anything bad that can happen to your skin. From bites, burns, and stings to cuts, rashes, abrasions, and other wounds, just apply the dragon’s blood, and let it work it’s magic.

This sap is chock full of naturally occurring compounds, many of which have been studied carefully, and it is also rich in highly protective antioxidant phenols, as well as a variety of anti-inflammatory compounds. This means that the sap helps to protect your skin cells while reducing any swelling and redness.

Taspin, which is known to be a tissue – healing agent, is also found in dragon’s blood. This sap has also demonstrated antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal abilities, which is why it has been used successfully on a wide range of infectious skin conditions and to help heal damaged skin.

The most unique ability that dragon’s blood has comes from the proanthocyanidins compounds. These compounds are able to actually repair the collagen matrices, the proteins that are lattice-like and make up a large part of our tissues.


One look at the products, and you’ll know where the artistic comes from. Here’s a peek:

Above, you see the limited edition holiday Emerald Crystal Soaps aren’t just beautiful to look at, they smell like mocha mint, too!

The soaps above are the Rose Quartz limited eition holiday soaps. You’ll have to take a sniff of these, too.


Here’s the thing…if you’re anything like me, you’re going to have a hard time getting to the efficacy stage with these products. As I do with all other pretties I have acquired, I didn’t want to use them, because they’re so gorgeous!

But, with ingredients like dragon’s blood, and the promises that come with them, how could I not try them?

I was battling some persistently pesky cystic acne on my cheeks when the Dragao Toner and soap arrived. I had to remind myself to keep everything somewhat photo-worthy because I just knew I was going to have to post about these products here and on Instagram!

Sure enough, my cystic acne didn’t have a chance against the dragon’s blood! I’ve been using the soap and toner for a couple of weeks now, and the acne is gone, scarring is minimal and disappearing, and my skin feels overall soft and puffy (in a good way).

Let me interject and confide a secret here, too. I’m not a fan of soap. I love my body wash. Soap – bar soap – is just not my thing. Not for my face, not for my body.

BelaDoce has changed that from one extreme side of the spectrum to the other. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without my Bela soaps now! (And I can’t wait to get some of those holiday soaps, too!)

Back to my skin…Knowing my skin, though, it wouldn’t be just one battle. It’s battle after battle after battle with my acne prone skin. What I love is that the Dragao toner and soap work so hard, the cystic acne no longer forms as deeply, plus each bump is diminished within a day, maybe two, but definitely not the one to two weeks (or longer) it used to be.

The skin on my face feels happy, too. Almost like I applied a serum or essence to my face right after I use the toner. My skin has never felt that way right after using toner. Never.

The soaps can be used like a mask, too, which I would Never Ever Ever Ever would do with regular soap! Would you?

Just lather it up and leave that lather on your face…

Now, if you’d excuse me, I need to go do that right now! Go check out the BelaDoce Instagram while I go pamper my skin!



2 thoughts on “Feature Brand of the Week – BelaDoce Botanicals

    1. And they have their own unique smells! I’ve learned so much about unique natural ingredients from this brand. I’m in love!


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