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There’s no doubt I’m a subscription box fanatic (I know I’m not alone here. Can I get an Amen?) So, when I heard there was a new one starting up that would come chock-full of all-natural, hand-created, cruelty-free products, you know I had to be front and center in the action!

Since Beautycon announced they were discontinuing their subscription box service, I’ve had my eyes peeled for a new monthly beauty endeavor to enjoy.

Meet My Delight Box

As soon as I took the box out of my mailbox, I could 👃 smell one of the products. Now, if you’re not a fan of essential oils, it might not fancy your senses like it did mine. In my opinion, it smelled fabulous! But, I know many who don’t like a pepperminty scent, so I get it, it would be overwhelming for those of you who aren’t as fond as I am.

What I was smelling was the Peppermint Luv by Livi Scrub, which is an organic, natural, vegan body scrub. If you’re not a fan of peppermint, like I mentioned, you may not like this scrub, but I find it invigorating for both my senses and my body when I’m using it. Like most body scrubs, it leaves my arms, legs, and especially my hardened feet nice and soft!

Also included in the box was a bath bomb – and I dare you to try to name someone you know who doesn’t love to pamper themselves with a nice hot bath and a luxurious bath bomb! Anyone? The creamsicle swirled Yuzu Sea Salt Bath Bomb by KarMel’s Krafts is love at first sight:

Sweet, aromatic happiness in the tub!

The soap. Omg, the soap! It came tied up in a little bag, made by @iandisoap. You know me, the first thing I had to do was sniff it. I didn’t even have to read what it was – the aroma of jasmine and plumeria filled my nose immediately. It doesn’t just smell amazing, it leaves your skin feeling moisturized. I love it!

I was actually quite surprised with the Luv by Livi Therapeutic Body Butter samples. My experience with organic body butters has taught me to test a little bit of it on a spot not super close to my nose, because they have either been too overpowering with essential oils or they smell too much like Shea butter, which – in my opinion – just isn’t the prettiest aroma. Have you ever sniffed raw Shea butter? I can’t explain it, it just doesn’t smell like something I want to rub all over my body.

These little samples, though:

They were perfectly scented, not too strong, not to light so the natural Shea Butter smell wasn’t coming through (and I’m sure it’s difficult to find that happy medium). The butter leaves my skin super hydrated, but not oily, which is also a huge plus. I’m definitely a fan. 

I’m not a huge fan of tea, though, but for review purposes, I will try this out soon:

It’s a single tea bag from Big Heart Tea, but what I thought was adorable was the message inside:

It’s nice to wake up in the morning to a positive message to start off the day while you’re sipping your tea. 

What was my most favorite product in the entire box? 

The cucumber mask by the Sudsy Soapery, hands down! You know I’m a face-mask-or-two-a-day-type-a-gal. I had to try it immediately!

It smelled just like cucumbers and was so refreshing! It dried similarly to a clay mask and after it dried, and I washed it off, my face felt awesome! To put it to the test, I dabbed some toner on a cotton round and wiped my face thoroughly (my trick to see if there’s any dirt left on my face and in my pores), and the cotton round was clean. That deserves an A+!

If you love Indie brands and sampling new, hand-crafted, cruelty-free, organic, natural face and body products, you should give @mydelightbox a look! 

How much is the Subscription?

I know at this point, the burning question is how much does the box cost? It’s a monthly subscription and it’s $25 per month, but you can use my code BETHANYSPRETTIES and you will get 20% off and free shipping your entire subscription! (You’re welcome!)

Follow these incredible Indie brands and show them some support! Remember, you don’t have to necessarily buy from a small brand to support them – a like, a comment, and especially a share on social media are great ways to support them! 








Love ya!



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