Feature Brand of the Week – Navere Skincare

If you know me, then I don’t have to tell you that my makeup addiction is neck-n-neck with my skincare addiction. In fact, I may be more obsessed with skincare than makeup, because I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, sheet mask, serum, serum, serum, serum, serum, oil, oil, oil my face up every day, but I don’t always put on makeup. (After all, our skin needs a break here and there.) 

And beautiful skin is “in.”

You would also know that I’m a huge fan of natural or organic skincare. In fact, my sensitive skin pretty much forces me to stick to natural ingredients. 

Skipping to the chase – the reason you’re here. My Feature Brand of the WeekNavere Skincare

Naturally, Beautifully, Organically You!

If I could make this screen scratch and sniff for you, I would. Because the first thing I did was sniff the products. 😂😂

I know, call me weird but sometimes the natural/organic products smell awful! But, I digress. I was pleasantly surprised by the citrus-y scent of the products!

So, naturally, I was excited to try them out, but it was just around noon when they came and I told myself that I had to wait til later, when I had time to do my nighttime skincare routine. 

About the Brand

Just some quick deets here about the brand. I know they’re based in sunny Florida, so those of you who like to support US brands, that’s a plus. They had overall health awareness in mind when they created their products, and that’s why they use only natural and certified organic ingredients. 

The largest organ of our body is our skin. So, we have to be conscious of what we use on it. 

We also believe that we should not have to compromise our health and the health of our loved ones for high performance quality products.

Back to the Products

I tried out all 4 of their products:

  • Renewing Face Wash 
  • Clarifying Toner
  • Replenishing Serum 
  • Hydrating Moisturizing Treatment

The Renewing Face Wash

I have a battery operated facial brush that I love using with my cleanser. It seems to help the product to last longer, in my opinion, and also exfoliates my skin. So, I got my handy dandy spinning facial brush out and put the cleanser to work. 

The citrus-y scent is so refreshing as I’m cleansing my face. I could literally sniff it all day long, it’s that yummy smelling. It removes makeup easily, and isn’t greasy at all. When I’m done cleansing, my face soft and matte, not shiny at all, which is a good thing, because my oil glands are always working in overdrive. 

The cleanser comes in a pretty container with a pump top, which I also love. It pumps exactly enough for your face in one pump. 

The Clarifying Toner

I love that there is a toner, but i hate my pores! Because my pores are moon-crater deep, they tend to hold a lot of junk. Even when I’ve cleansed with the facial brush, I still feel like there’s residue left behind, deep down. My face will appear clean, but I know my skin better than that!
The Clarifying Toner has a similar smell to it, so while I’m rubbing it on my skin with my trusty lil cotton round, it’s soothing my sense of smell. As expected, the cotton round usually ends up a bit gray from the deep-down dirt in my pores, which is a good thing, and the reason why I feel obliged to use a toner after cleansing. 

The Replenishing Serum

I apply my serums before my moisturizers. I mean, you can do whatever you want to do. It’s your skin, but that’s the way I do it. Serums are typically thinner in consistency than moisturizers, so they absorb faster into my skin than moisturizers do. Also, I tend to apply a bunch of serums in one skincare routine (often up to a dozen), and if I applied moisturizer first, I can just imagine the mess I would make. 
Similar to the cleanser, the serum has a pump top. The two pumps are a bit different, but they both work the same by dispensing the amount you need for an application. 

The serum also has that citrus-y smell that just tickles my senses. I have used it with several other serums and it melds perfectly with others, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will play nicely with your favorite serums. 

Hydrating Moisturizing Treatment

My moisturizer is usually the last step in my skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t crucial! Because my skin is acne-prone and sensitive, I have to be very careful what I put on it for moisturizers. 

The Navere moisturizer is made with ingredients that soothes your skin, won’t clog your pores, and provides antioxidants for protection while it moisturizes. And like the other products, it has a smell that is soothing and soft on the nose.

I highly recommend the Navere skincare line to you if you’re looking for products that are natural, good for your skin, and still smell amazing! Have you tried them out already? Let me know what you think about them below in the comments! ⏬⏬

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