Niacina-what??? Why You Need to Add Niacinamide to Your Beauty Routine

If you’re anything like me, you’ve turned your face into a scientific experiment, per se. You might even consider your face your personal guinea pig of sorts for skin care products and makeup. 

The truth of the matter is, I love trying new skincare products. I mean who doesn’t, right? But, sometimes that…addiction, shall we call it? Sometimes, our addiction to skincare products (amd makeup, too) causes more trouble than the products are worth! Often, it’s because of the ingredients in the products we are subjecting our faces to.

There is one very special ingredient that is worth seeking out and keeping in your skincare regimen, though. It is almost like having a fountain of youth in a serum. I already leaked what it was in the title, of course – Niacinamide. In fact, you’re probably going to pimp – slap yourself before the end of this post if you’re not familiar with it and already using it. 

If you’re reading this, you’re here to find out why you need Niaminicide in your skincare routine, right? As you guessed, I’m here to tell you why. Let’s start, though, with an introduction to niacinamide, for those who aren’t familiar with it. For those who are familiar with it, there might be something here you didn’t know about, so hang with me here.

What is Niacinamide?

Let’s break Niacinamide (or nicotinamide, as it is also called) down to the basic word – niacin. You’ve probably heard of niacin. Both niacin and niacinamide are forms of vitamin B3. Are any bells ringing yet? 

We get vitamin B from a variety of grub, including meat, fish, eggs, milk, greens, beans, cereal, and yeast. As you may know, you can also get vitamin B from vitamin and multi-vitamin supplements, too. Niacin is also in energy drinks. 

Niacin is used to treat a myriad of health and medical issues, including high cholesterol, problems with circulation, migraines, and much much more.

So, niacinamide is made when there is excess niacin inside of our bodies. 

Okay, enough of the scientific crap. If you want to know more, you can Google it, right? Basically, for what we need to know, it’s known as an essential vitamin. 

Why  you need niacinamide in your beauty routine:

While niacin can certainly be ingested, we can use topical niacinamide on our skin for extra added benefits. 

Here are the top reasons I can come up with to convince you that niacinamide is crucial for your skin:

1. Redness & Blotchiness. If you have an uneven skin tone, or more specifically, redness and blotchiness, niacinamide will quickly become your BFF. This is because it improves the epidermal barrier of your skin. Your lipid barrier (same thing) is essential for your skin’s well-being – it protects your skin from environmental toxins, helps with moisture retention to keep your skin hydrated longer, and prevents water loss. And, we all know that hydrated skin looks better than dry, prune-face skin, right? And as we age, we fight to keep more moisture in our skin so we don’t get wrinkles and fine lines, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Niacinamide also helps to increase the production of ceramides, which are crucial components of your skin’s lipid barrier. If you apply niacinamide during your daily skin routine, you should notice the structure of your skin improving over time. The more you improve the functioning of your epidermal layer, the better – and more hydrated and youthful – your skin will look and feel. 

2. Improved Skin Immunity. It makes sense, then, if niacinamide does all of this, it also improves the immunity of your skin. When your lipid layer is stronger, it can work at peak performance to protect your face from those harsh elements in our environment. Hence, boosting the immunity of your skin. 

3. Oil Regulation.  When your skin has a lip barrier that is functioning optimally, and it is retaining its natural moisture properly, your skin’s oil flow will balance out and become controlled. If you have oily skin like me, you probably already know that cleansing your face scrupulously, over and over again, to rid it of the excess oils is only going to exacerbate your skin’s oil production issues. Your skin is going to get confused and start making more oil to compensate. Instead of doing this, consider applying Niacinamide topically as an essential part of your skincare routine, because it will get that excessive oil issue under control without all the hassle. 

4. Infrared Light Protection. The majority of us are aware that we have to worry about the damaging effects of UV exposure to our skin. But, many of us do not realize that the infrared heat that comes from the sun can also cause skin pigmentation issues. The infrared heat activates free radicals, which stimulates your skin to overproduce cells which are pigmented. If the pigmentation of your skin is tied to hormones, imfrared heat is going to pose a serious problem for you. Have no fear, dear. Good ol’ niacinamide will protect your skin from the damaging effects of infrared heat, too!

5. Hyper-Pigmentation. When you get a tan, what is actually happening is the melanosomes (pigment) are being transferred from the melanocytes to your epidermis’ surrounding skin. 

When this occurs over the long-term, the function can become dysfunctional, leaving you with blotchy, uneven pigmentation, not the beautiful golden tan you are seeking. If you have problems with hyperpigmentation, adding niacinamide to your skincare routine will help to reduce the uneven pigmentation of your skin. It does this by slowing down the process of the transferring of the melanosomes to your epidermis, regardless of whether your issues are hormonal or suntan related.

6. Collagen Boost. Skip those collagen injections! (I don’t know if I am brave enough to do them anyway!) If you want a collagen boost without the needles, turn to niacinamide. Because the skin’s lipid barrier is now stronger and the functioning of the barrier is improved, the skin now has increased cell differentiation (which is when a less specialized cell becomes more specialized). This contributes to better formation and synthesis of elastin and collagen, which will minimize wrinkles and lines in your skin. Now, tell me, who doesn’t want that?

7. Brighten Skin. There are plenty of antioxidants that will prevent the damage that AGE’s and oxidative stress can cause, but they do not fix the damage once it is done. Constant exposure to glycation and free radicals will leave skin lackluster and sallow. Our friend niacinamide goes a step beyond the prevention by actually reversing the visible signs of damage that have already occurred. Not only will it act as an antioxidant, it will also help your skin fight to get the radiance of your youthful face back again. 

Now that you have the deets on this powerful and essential skincare ingredient, here are just a few more pointers for you. 

How Much Do You Need?

You should look for a serum with 10% niacinamide in it. But, from my experience, I’ll tell you that there are brands who don’t want you to know exactly how much niacinamide they have in their serums. In this case, look at the ingredients list on the bottle. If niacinamide is not close to the top of the list of ingredients, pass that serum up and move onto another one. There are plenty of serums with ample amount of niacinamide in them. Don’t settle for just whatever. We’re talking about life-changing results here. Get something that will work! 

What Do You Use, Miss Bethany?

You’re probably wondering at this point which niacinamide products I use. I have two favorites at the moment. 

The first is Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster from their Resist skincare line. In fact, I love the entire Resist line! Their products work.

The other product I love is:

The Ordinary has a serum that has 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc in it. Since I covered niacinamide pretty thoroughly here, I guess I’ll have to touch on the benefits of zinc in the near future, huh? 

There are countless products to choose from, so if you have a particular brand of skincare (or two or three) that you love, check and see if they have a serum with niacinamide in it. 

After you’ve been using it for a while, come back and let me know what you think! I want to know! 

Questions? Thoughts? ⏬⏬ Talk to me in the comment section below! 


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    1. It’s done wonders for my face! Please let me know if you try it and how it works for you once you’ve been using it for a while! (You should see some changes fairly early on.)


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