Don’t Throw Out Your Sheet Mask Wrappers Yet!!!

I think it’s just natural to open up a package and extract what’s inside and then immediately throw away the wrapper. 

But, doing this to your sheet mask wrappers is a big mistake. If you are throwing the wrappers out immediately, you’re missing out!

Inside of that wrapper is still enough essence to spread over your face at least one more time! I’ve had enough leftover essence in many packages to use two or three times after the sheet mask was long gone. And because the wrappers are typically made to protect the fluid and keep the mask wet until you use it, the essence will remain usable as long as you store it right.

I simply roll the end of the package like this:

And then set it somewhere so that the top remains folded. You can put any type of paperweight on top of it on your vanity. I set my (broken handled) mirror on top of mine and that works just fine!

Don’t let that extra goodness go to waste!

And one more thing! When you first start gluing the sheet mask to your face, guide the extra essence that seeps out toward your neck, decolletage, and shoulders and rub it into those areas. Everyone seems to take optimum care of their face, but forgets that their neck and chest will give their age away even if their face looks amazing. 

What’s your favorite sheet mask? Do you have any quick tips to share? Leave a comment⬇⬇⬇

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