Another Skincare Giveaway! (Worth $5k!) ***CLOSED***

Because my last giveaway went so well, I decided to team up again with KMR Communications to bring you another giveaway with just under $5k worth of skincare products! 

Yes, you read that right! Here’s what’s in store:



This Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment from Hermetise is part of a three step treatment from Hermetise.

It a protecting serum that incorporates a unique caffeine infusion obtained from Kopi Luwak beans. Kopi Luwak is the most exotic coffee in the world and is known to have excellent skin benefits, such as giving naturally firm skin and reducing inflammation and redness. It is also a potent antioxidant. This advanced treatment clears and protects skin from environmental pollutants and treats skin with advanced oxygen and select age defying ingredients, which are fortified with 24k gold and Kopi Luwak infusion to form an intense age treatment. This soft, ever lasting step is designed to decrease the signs of aging; its unique texture enables it to absorb into the skin delivering beneficial ingredients, it provides the skin protection from the environment.


What it is

The Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen treatment is designed to clear and protect skin from environmental pollutants by delivering potent film-forming, water-holding and soothing effects.



How does it work?

3 super products to de-pollute, revive and renew your skin with Kopi Luwak infusion, oxygen and 24K gold.


What it does

Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen skin care treatment assists in retaining the skins trans-epidermal water loss, helps to enhance the skins oxygen delivery to help revive dull skin, for a smoother, more lifted appearance.


The Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen range main Benefits:

·  Global anti-aging, face-lift alternative

·  A 3 step complete all in one “super treatment”

·  Protects from the environment (anti-pollution)

·  Cleansing and the removal of dead skin cells

·  Helps restore a firmer appearance


What else you need to know

In the ultimate connection of nature and hi-tech beauty, often one thing means the other, as is the case with the Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen 3-steptreatment. Along with its striking appearance, this amazing treatment has astounding multiple effects on the skin. This skin treatment is designed so that each product actually preforms and gives the benefits of two products, thus cutting down on the hassle and saving application time while maximizing the final effect on the skin.


Step 1 – Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment

This cream is an advanced formula consisting of molecular technology – offering a unique aquatic basedformula which transforms into a cream- oxygen, gold and additional ingredients penetrate to treat the skin.


Step 2 – Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment


Step 3 – Kopi luwak anti-pollution oxygen brightening treatment


(Each product retails for: $1649.99 or $4,944.97 for the set)

How do you enter? 

1. Leave a comment below stating why you would like to win these products.

2. Share this blog post on any of your social media accounts and leave in your comment which one and how I can verify (I will check).

3. For extra entries, follow me on Instagram and find the giveaway post on Instagram @bethanyspretties


And a special thanks to KMR Communications for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

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