Are You Looking for an Under Eye Concealer that Really Works?

I think we are all searching for the perfect products on the market that are going to live up to our expectations. For instance, when a product promises things like “to diffuse the appearance of under eye darkness, and help brighten the appearance of the eyes,” we want to believe that it’s going to do what it says. 
But, most of the time, those of us with real issues are fighting a losing battle. So, I have been on a quest to find a product that actually stands up to claims and work all day long. 

And I found it!

I was excited to get it in the mail, but at first squeeze, I was a bit taken aback. Check it out:

Do you see the little spot on my hand? It looked awfully pink! And one thing is for sure, pink doesn’t work under my eyes!!!

The product is called Bright Eyed, as you can see on the box, and Coastal Scents makes it. A quick little bit about Coastal Scents – they have awesome products at very affordable prices! From eyeshadows to lippies to blushes to natural Shea butter, I have loved every one of their products! 

So, I really wanted this one to work. Let’s see if it did. Here is what my eyes looked before any makeup at all. Not a bad day for under eye circles, but still some black and blue around the socket.

The instructions say to put the product on after you’ve applied all of your other eye makeup. So, I did. Before I put any eye makeup on, I should tell you that I always put a little under eye cream on (another blog post for another day), because I have dry underye areas. It just keeps the area moisturized during the day so my smile lines don’t show as much. 

After I put everything on, this was the end result:

What do you think? My under eye area looked a whole lot lighter and brighter! At least, that was my own assessment! I made sure to take the pictures in the same lighting so that it was a fair portrayal. 

Now, to be fair, I moisturize under my eyes at night and in the mornings, well before I plan to apply any makeup, so it has time to absorb into my skin. I’m working on finding a product that keeps my under eye area moisturized and will update when I find the perfect one.

What do you do to care for your under eye area? Any awesome products I should try out? Let me know below in the comments!⏬⏬

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