Let’s Talk About the Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highliters

Okay, so I know these had their day in time a while back, but people are still buying them, so here’s my take on the Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighters…
The formula is super soft, as expected from a Lorac product. The highlight that you get can be subtle, but you can also pack it on for a stronger glow. Really, there’s not a whole lot to complain about with these highlighters. 


Yes, there’s a but. I wasn’t impressed with the difference between the four colors. They swatch nicely, that I won’t deny. Look at the swatches, though.
If you’re applying them to your face, you’re not going to see much difference, so there’s no real reason to have all four.

That is, unless you are like me and you like to collect makeup. If you are pinching pennies and saving up for their highlighters, though, I would suggest to go to a store in your area that has testers, swatch them on your skin, and pick which one makes you happy.

You don’t need all four.


Are you thinking of getting one? Let me know in the comments ⏬ (and subscribe before you leave so you can get my future reviews!)



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