It’s Here! It’s Finally Here! @TooFaced Natural Love Collection!

I am a Too Faced fanatic and I have been admiring the Too Faced Natural Love Collection since they started promoting it.

Today, you can finally get it!
















Can you see why I am head over heels? All of those softer tones and just enough darker tones to add depth and smoke it out. I see so many looks in this palette and I don’t even have it in my hands yet, but I will!

Then, there are new Melted Matte colors to pair with your Natural Love eye shadow designs:

melted matte new colors.png

Jerrod didn’t stop there, either. He created some new highlights called Love Lights:

melted matte new colors

And there’s one more new product to drool over. It’s called Chocolate Brow-nie:


If that’s not enough to get excited about today, then I don’t know what is. Best believe I will be getting my hands on these beauties ASAP! Who else is dying to get this collection? Leave me a comment below!⏬

In the meantime, stay beautiful! (And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts!)











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