Melting Hot Sale @TooFacedCosmetics! (Up to 60% OFF)

If you have been admiring the Too Faced Totally Cute Eye Shadow Collection, the Cat Eyes Eye Shadow palette, the Bulletproof Liners, or the Let It Glow Highlight and Blush Kit (amongst much more), you want to head to the Too Faced website and score up on some goodies RIGHT NOW.

They have an up to 60% sale going on and you better believe I am going to be grabbing up some goodies myself!

I have more than my share of Too Faced products (including the entire Sweet Peach collection


and eyeliners in every single color).


But I don’t have the Totally Cute Eye Shadow Collection and I’ve been admiring it for a mighty long time. Can you see why?


I would love to get the new Better Together Collection…


And OMG, have you heard of the NEWEST collection coming out March 9th? It’s called Natural Love and the sneak peek made me drool all over myself. Here it is:


I need this in my life!

Anyway, no, that’s not available til March 9th and it’s not 60% off, but plenty of other awesome Too Faced stuff is! I’ll race you over there!

Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave!



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