2018 Gift Guide (for him/her)

Who says people are difficult to shop for when the holidays come around? Sometimes, you just have to have some excellent recommendations!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with gift ideas for him or gift ideas for her, I’m going to make your life so easy this year! I’ve personally tried and tested the following products, so the recommendations come straight from yours truly.

***These are not paid advertisements. They are actual gift recommendations that I’ve come up with for 2018.***


Pink Zebra

I can’t think of one room in the house that would be complete without the long-lasting, super aromatic Pink Zebra wax fragrances and Soaks!


ClarityRx Skincare

If someone bought me some plant and food-based, pharmaceutical grade skincare for any holiday or occasion, I would be ecstatic! ClarityRx Skincare offers a whole line of products that are specifically formulated to combat whatever skin issues your recipient deals with. If you have no one to buy for, I’d love one of their masks or acid-based correctors! (Hint! Hint!)


Na Beauty

Who doesn’t need a good organic lotion? Na Beauty separates themselves from other organic brands with sustainable packaging that you can actually send back to them for your refills. Once 5 containers have been collected, they can be sent back to Na Beauty for refills at a discounted price. How’s that for beautiful?


SanRe Organic

If you haven’t read my blog post about this brand and their products, it’s time you scoot over and check it out. The great thing about these organic skincare products is that they are not just perfect for women, but they’re also great for men, too. Undoubtedly, you will be introducing your gift recipient to some amazing organic goodness for their skin that they will love year-round.


Cal Pharma has a wide array of beauty products to choose from, from SPF products to hair products to stretch mark and scar creams to holiday gift sets. I had the pleasure of trying out the Namaste Skin “Beauty is in Your Nature” Holiday Collection Bath and Body Home Spa Gift Set. (Click on link for my review.) Chock full of natural products, as well as extra spa tools to make the home spa set complete, whoever you buy this gift set for will surely be able to pamper themselves long after the holiday is over.


BelaDoce Skincare offers a variety of skincare products – you will find something perfect for just about anyone. Rather than repeating myself, why don’t you just head to my blog post about the BelaDoce Skincare brand and products to find out why they made it on my list?


The Mindfull Wellness set by Number 4 actually surprised me with its vitamin packed, green hair care set! It includes a 1.5 oz. hydrating shampoo, a 1.5 oz reconstructing masque, and the 1.5 oz Super Comb spray. If you know anyone who complains about being unable to pull a comb or a brush through their hair (maybe you have a daughter, a niece, or a sister with that problem?), this set will transform you from a gift giver to a lifesaver. Besides the deep conditioning aspect, these products also have a Liquid Complex Culture with anti-aging, color protecting, strengthening and purifying properties.

They have 3 other sets to choose from, as well:

Mindfull Wellness is the one I fell in love with, though.


Sumbody has created some of my favorite all-natural, hand-crafted skincare products! The rebel face serum is one of my HG’s. Between that and the facial mist, my face has been super happy. The soap is heavenly and leaves my skin soft and nourished. The scrub is made of the perfect sized granules, and lucky lips has saved my lips from being dried out and crackly this winter. You can find something for everyone in their skincare line.